Water Wise Program
Mobile Irrigation Lab

Tom Funari & Valrie Massey 


  • Water Savings
  • Money Saved on Utility Bill
  • Irrigation & Rain Sensor Check
  • Plant Placement & Selection
  • Detailed Irrigation & Landscape Report with Outline

    Call for an appointment @ 941-722-4524

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  • Owner or designee must be on-site during evaluation
  • An operating underground irrigation system
  • Approximately 2 hours for a 4-6 zone system

Sites we can visit:

  • Homeowner's Property
  • Business's Property

To sign up for a FREE Landscape Irrigation Evaluation, please contact:

 Joann Larson
(941) 722-4524 ext. 262

Valrie Massey
Horticulture Program Assistant
(941) 722-4524 ext. 226

As we are out in the morning on site please leave a message.  You'll receive a follow-up call to schedule an appointment.