Florida Backyard Habitat Program

FL Backyard Landscapes for Wildlife

The Florida Backyard Landscapes for Habitat Program program will help you to landscape your property to benefit wildlife. In addition to the increased wildlife viewing opportunities, you will be helping provide the basic needs of many wildlife species.

To get started, please complete:

Application for the Florida Backyard Landscapes for Wildlife Program

After you have completed the application, please submit for review.  There is a minimal fee of $5.00 (check payable to "Manatee County Friends of Extension") to cover costs for the shipping and materials that we include in your package.  Once your landscape design is approved, we will present you with a certificate and a yard sign.

Florida Bird Monitoring Program

The Florida Bird Monitoring Program was developed by the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation's Wildlife Extension office in June 2001. The objective of the Florida Bird Monitoring Program is to maintain a Web site where you can enter and view bird survey data collected by yourself and others. Homeowners as well as participants from natural resource, Cooperative Extension, and state education programs are encouraged to participate.

Planting a Refuge for Wildlife Book Cover Planting a Refuge for Wildlife

Click above to view information on how to create a backyard habitat plan, suggested native plants for backyard Florida habitats, how to attract birds, butterflies, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, advice for effectively using nest boxes and feeders, and more.

One copy of Planting a Refuge for Wildlife is available FREE of charge. Additional copies are 50¢ each.  Download, print and complete this order form (41KB pdf) .