FFL Landscape Assistance

Need assistance or advice in planning your Florida-Friendly Landscape? We can Help!

Landscape Assistance Program Flyer

What we can provide

  1. Assistance with analyzing the growing conditions in your yard.
  2. Interpretation of soil/water test results.
  3. Assistance in selecting the right plants for your property based on discussions, photographs, and review of color pictures and homeowner provided landscape designs.
  4. Advice on the selection and maintenance of lawn
  5. A 1 & 1/2 hour office appointment to review these landscape analysis needs.

What we cannot Provide

  1. Landscape designs drawn to specifications.
  2. Specifications on the cost of plant materials.
  3. Specifications on an irrigation design.
  4. Referrals to specific landscape design, maintenance or related professionals.

What to Bring

Homeowners wishing to schedule a meeting to discuss their residential landscaping plans including:

  • Understanding your property´s site conditions
  • The selection of the right plants for your property (i.e. drought tolerant and native plants)
  • Ideas to minimize and conserve outdoor water use
  • Attracting wildlife, Protecting the Waterfront, Mulching, and much more...

Should bring in and have available any or all of the following items when they come in to meet with a Yard Advisor:

  • Survey and/or site sketch of your property.
  • Soil Sample (about 1 pint) which is representative of your yard. If the soil varies in different parts of your yard, then you may want more than one sample. pH and Salinity tests are ($3) each and conducted on-site each Monday.

How to take a soil sample

Soil Samples and Testing from SelbyGardens on Vimeo.

  • Plant samples for identification.
  • Location, size and identification of existing plants
  • Structural features (i.e. A/C, outside water source, downspout locations, power lines, driveways, & walkways)
  • Photos of your yard and plants
  • Orientation of your house on the property (i.e. North, South, East, West)
  • An idea of moisture and light patterns in your yard
  • Wet vs. Dry and Full sun vs. Complete Shade Areas
  • Existing, special needs or desired functions in your yard
    i.e. water garden, BBQ area, pet area, wildlife area, shed/gardening area, walkways

By completing a homeowner survey during your meeting, you will receive:

  • FFL Handbook and UF/IFAS Plant List
  • FFL Pattern and Design Guide
  • Individualized help in planning your Florida-Friendly Yard
  • FFL Checklist