FFL Introduction and Partners

FFL can help you transform your yard into a beautiful oasis  that will not only conserve precious water resources and reduce  pollution, but will also help you save time, energy, and money.

What is the FFL program?

The FFL program is an educational outreach program informing homeowners how they can be more environmentally friendly with their landscape care practices and how this can help protect Florida's natural environment for future generations.

Why is this Important?

We are all connected to the environmental well-being of Florida's livelihood; through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the environment we live and play in.  Our quality of life depends upon our active participation in the management of Florida's natural resources.

How is the FFL program being implemented?

The University of Florida County Extension Service is the lead agency implementing this program. Partnerships are encouraged with other governmental and non-governmental agencies, the public and private sector and the green industry.

Who are some of the FFL partners?