Soil and Water Tests

Tests for residues of pesticides, toxic substances and disease pathogens are NOT available in these lab tests.

Collecting a soil sample
Use a trowel to obtain a small amount of soil from 10 to 15 spots over the area you wish to test. For lawns, take soil from the upper 2 to 4 inches. For landscape plants, take soil from the upper 6 to 8 inches. Space your sampling sites all over the area. Place small samples in a bucket and mix the soil with the trowel to ensure that all soil is well blended. One pint of soil is needed for testing.

Collecting well-water sample
Let water run for ten minutes. Collect 1 pint of water in clean plastic jar, up to the top, and close with tight lid. Do not use shampoo or detergent bottles since it is difficult to remove all residues

Lab Location Available Tests
Manatee County Extension Office, Palmetto, FL
  • Soil and Water pH Tests Fee $3.00 - $5.00
    These tests check sample's relative acidity and alkalinity. Manatee County Extension's lab in Palmetto performs tests on Monday mornings. Bring samples to office the week before.
  • Total Dissolved Solids Fee $3.00
    This test checks for amount of total soluble salts in EC (electrical conductivity) and ppm (parts per million
University of Florida Extension
Soil Testing Lab, Gainesville Campus
  • Producer Soil Test:    Fees vary with analyses
    Submission Form (37KB pdf)
  • Water Tests   $9.00-$10.00
    • Tests for general household use, lawn or garden, overhead or seep irrigation, or micro-irrigation
    • Ca, Mg & total carbonates
    • Fe & Mn
    • Na & CL
    • Electrical conductivity
    • pH
    • Suspended solids

Water Test Submission Form (46KB pdf)

Additional soil and water tests and information: University of Florida Extension Soil Testing Laboratory